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The Best Advice I Ever got and the Best Advice I Never got…

May 28, 2011

My dear friend Jocelyn just welcomed her baby boy into the world today. While sending her a note the natural instinct to add some helpful, cheery motherly advice…even though this is her second. When you’re pregnant, it’s like an open invitation for all the world to give advice, from your friends, your neighbors, your in-laws, and even your cashier at the grocery store! Usually the same ol’ stuff….sleep when baby sleeps, buy *this* amazing product and so on. If you’re anything like me you nod politely and say oh yes, that’s great. Not that I’m not grateful, but you really can’t *know* it, until you’re living it, knee deep in sleep deprivation, shock and the most amazing kind of love you’ll ever know.

That said, there was one little trick that stuck (or didn’t haha, pun not intended)…and was amazing! Soon after Arabella was born my midwife brought a diaper and a bottle of olive oil over for me. OK, diaper I knew what to do with….but the, um, olive oil? Am I changing a diaper or fixing dinner?

Meconium, baby’s first poos (over the first few days until breast milk comes in) is unbelievably sticky, perhaps even more so than tar! Now, with your precious little newborn with the softest most velvety skin and all the awkwardness of changing this little being that is all arms and legs, who wants to practically scrub at every diaper change?! Solution is simple, lube that little tush right up! That’s right, generously coat baby’s behind in olive oil and be amazed when the first meconium diaper change is smooth as butter. 🙂  Meconium wipes off gently without using 10 wipes and elbow grease! Baby’s skin stays silky smooth and your hands get a little extra pampering too.

Now, on to the advice that I never got. I’ve never been afraid of hurting babies and certainly not after the miracle of child birth do I think they are as fragile as fine china! They are however, quite wobbly and unable to assist in the wardrobe changing department. The most daunting task for me in the early days was getting baby dressed without making her scream and me feel completely inadequate. Next time I’ll know – no clothes that have to be pulled over the head for the first few weeks. Besides, who needs to be fashionable when you’re wearing spit-up and who knows what else. We love snap-side shirts and kimonos, zip-up sleepers and snap front sleepers.

I heart happy little babies in kimonos with silky smooth tushies!


Lopsided and scatter-brained

May 24, 2011

It’s 4:26 in the afternoon and the baby should be waking up any minute to nurse and I find myself in the same predicament that I do most days… Which side did I nurse on last? Of all the things to keep up with, you would think this would be the easiest. My ‘tool’ to guess which side is up next…yep, you guessed it – visual check for lopsidedness. Seriously, isn’t there an app for this?

Déjà vu?