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Arabella’s Birth Story ~ Part One

February 4, 2012

The ‘due date’ ~ January 31st, 2011

My due date was January 31st, what I got was an ice storm, no baby. With the roads icy and Inanna Birth and Women’s Center over an hour away I decided to cancel my 40 week appointment. My pregnancy had been healthy and as a first time mom I expected to go past my due date. (average first time mom goes 9 days past her due date per my midwife) My midwife rescheduled me for that Friday, February the 4th, which was my ‘measured’ due date.  Early in the pregnancy I had a sonogram that placed my due date as 2/4.

I woke up that Friday morning and knew that it was my day. Throughout the night I had practice labor, not consistent enough to call the midwife but contractions were certainly stronger than the Braxton-Hicks I’d been experiencing for the last few weeks.  As Nick got ready for work I told him that I’d had contractions most of the night but that he should still go to work because I wasn’t in labor yet. He grabbed my belly and looked at it and said ‘Now you just get ready to come out at about 10am tomorrow so I don’t have to work this weekend’.  We joke now that Arabella did as her Daddy said…perhaps the first and last time ever!

My appointment was scheduled for 2pm and I was on the fence about going.  The roads were still icy and I didn’t want to drive an hour and a half to be checked and sent home only to be driving back that night. I called the birth center and spoke to Lynne, she agreed that as long as I felt ok there was no sense in risking getting into a wreck with the roads the way they were and labor imminent.

Nick came home from work around 6 pm and we decided that a night out would nice. My Mom had been doing almost all of the cooking and we thought a break from cooking and cleaning was needed. I headed to my room to put on real pants, you know, the kind that don’t look like pajamas. As I stood, mind you, this is quite an accomplishment at my size, and took a step into my jeans I felt like I had just got my period. So I went to the bathroom to change my unders and discovered that I had just lost my mucus plug. Shivers went up my neck…I knew my labor was coming soon. I knew that losing your mucus plug does not necessarily mean that labor is starting; but instinctively I knew it was my time.

How I didn’t come skipping from my room shouting ‘It’s time to have a baby!’ is beyond me. I was exhilarated at that moment but knew that my first time daddy would want to drive straight to Inanna if I told him.  So I kept my secret because more than anything I wanted a final good meal – Thai food! On the way to the restaurant we stopped for gas and I gave my Mom a heads up. She isn’t easily excitable so I knew I could tell her without worry of panic.

We met our friend Heather at Golden Moon and had a lovely dinner.  Hot and sour soup and a green curry dish for me. I savored every bite and prayed that I wouldn’t be throwing it all back up later in the evening. While we were out the landlord called and let us know that a propane truck had come to fill our tank. Thank God! It had been in the teens all week and the tank had only 5% left.

Once home we headed to the bedroom to get settled in for the evening and I finally confessed that I was pretty sure we’d have a baby by the next morning. Too excited to sleep, even though I knew I would need my rest, I tossed and turned while Nick read a book.

Just before midnight I got up to pee….again. I walked back to the bed and as I sat down to slide into bed I felt a pop followed by a gush of fluid.


To read Part Two, click here.


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