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Vacation is over…

September 12, 2011

Nick, Arabella and I in the pool. Nags Head, NC

Technically my vacation is already over. We pulled into our driveway yesterday morning around 10:30am. I always need a vacation from my vacation, so today I am relaxing from the long drive home and postponing major chores and such until tomorrow. We spent a lovely week in Nags Head, NC just one week after Hurricane Irene battered the east coast. For a short time we were glued to the Weather Channel and concerned our vacation wasn’t going to happen. Irene ripped through Hatteras Island and took out major sections of Highway 12 (check link for photo), which aside from a ferry boat is the only way on to the island. Since we couldn’t get to Salvo, our rental company found us a place in Nags Head, whew.

My Mom took the whole fam down. My youngest sister Rebecca and her 18 month old Drew, middle sister Elizabeth and her Facebook official boyfriend Brian, myself, Nick, Arabella, Boob (yes, I said Boob. Mom’s boyfriend’s name is Bob but thanks to a typo in my address book he has been renamed), and all of our doggies: Loki, Kody and Greta!

It’s nice to be on vacation with the whole family. Nick hasn’t really had a vacation in 4 years due to school and work. I however, feel as if I’ve been on vacation for close to 17 months now. And by that I don’t mean relaxed, enjoying mojitos and working on my tan. In my previous life I was pretty health conscious and very portion aware. Then I got pregnant.

It started with morning sickness. I found the only way to tame the green beast was to keep the digestive system busy … so I grazed almost non-stop. Not a big deal if you are eating veggies and nutritious calories. My sudden obsession with salads and raw veggies everyday was replaced with the eating desires of a 15 year old boy. Carbs. I wanted junky, processed, packaged carbs. It wasn’t just a craving people, I actually spit a cucumber out one day as it tasted like dirt! I did, I spit it right back out of my mouth like you would expect a little kid to do and wipe the tongue too.  Oh, and fast food (gasp), yes, me…I wanted fast food again. Then came Coldstone Creamery. Ice cream cupcakes, ice cream with any mixture of toppings you could think of all mashed up before your eyes and placed in a beautiful waffle cone.

I reeled it back in by the second trimester as my morning sickness started to subside. Back to lean proteins and plenty of veggies. But the sweet demon had been awakened; my sweet tooth and I danced for the remainder of my pregnancy. I have indulged her most every desire through today. You see, vacation is over and she must leave.

My body has been begging me for months to return to my balanced diet. I don’t feel well and I don’t look well. Every fresh, balanced meal brings a renewed energy to my body and a spring in my step…I need to use that spring and run further because each time she grabs me by the ankle and off we go for a pop or ice cream or some snack-in-a-box. It’s mental, it’s an addiction, it feels great in the short term. It soothes frayed nerves, provides comfort in times of stress, which happens to be everyday when you are a parent, it’s mindless and numbing. Pair that with the insatiable appetite that comes with breastfeeding and look out! Even though I’m burning an extra 500 calories or so a day does not mean they need to be junk. I know what I have to do.

I have to quit cold turkey. I did it once before and it reshaped my eating habits for more than 6 years. My grandmother is type 2 diabetic and to support her I went on the diabetic diet for 30 days. The unintentional results were undeniable. More energy, waking up refreshed, no headaches, and an unpleasant feeling after eating crappy food.

All around me I see loved ones suffering the consequences of poor diet. It scares me. I want to live an active, healthy life. I want to play with my baby and her babies some day too. I want to feel good again. I want to feel like I look good again.

I want these darn headaches to go away. And if I lose these Bingo arms in the process, well that is just a major bonus!

Tomorrow vacation is over. Sugar and I are breaking up. Perhaps we can be friends down the road, but first my body and soul need to heal.

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  1. September 12, 2011 1:23 am

    Thanks for this! I went from vegetarian to craving balogna sandwiches and McDonald’s chicken nuggets with this pregnancy…yuck! Nice to know I’m not alone…

    • September 13, 2011 2:29 pm

      You are not alone my friend…the part that I didn’t include in this post is that after a 10 year stretch of no McDonalds, I craved Big Macs. There was a time that I was super embarrassed about that; now I just own up to it and giggle, Big Macs, lol, who would have thought!


  1. And so the diet goes » Suburban Insanity

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